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Recipe: Gluten Free Thin Green Spinach and Herb Omelets

Omelets Are Yummy–Gluten Free, Even Better…

Omelets are a staple of many peoples’ breakfasts.  This recipe for a gluten-free/grain-free thin green spinach and herb omelet comes courtesy of Gourmande in the Kitchen. These omelets look and taste amazing. They are versatile, as well, as you can use them as wraps or crepes. Plus, there are vegan and paleo options to the recipe, too. Read further to get the rest of the story and recipe.

They [omelettes] remind me of lazy weekends and leisurely brunches. There’s something wonderfully comforting and satisfying about a dish that’s equally tasty when made simply with eggs, or spilling over with cheese and other fillings.  But omelettes aren’t just weekend breakfast food; they are a fast and filling choice for any meal and there are many reasons to love eggs. Eggs are good source of high quality protein, high in choline (which has been linked to a reduced level of inflammation in the body) and recent studies have shown that, contrary to previous belief, a moderate consumption of eggs does not have a negative impact on cholesterol.

These are paper-thin omelettes, flecked with herbs that can double as gluten-free/grain-free crêpes and are incredibly quick to make. The whole process doesn’t take more than a few minutes and they can be filled with whatever vegetables or cheeses you have in your fridge.

They have a fluffy yet firm texture thanks to the well beaten eggs and a splash of cream or coconut milk.  The eggs are cooked up nice and thin using the same method as you would for making crêpes (ladling a small amount in a sizzling pan and swirling the mixture to the edges of the pan).


Fold the finished omelettes / flourless crêpes over the filling for a traditional presentation or roll them up as wraps for a portable lunch or dinner. A small handful of aromatic herbs and spinach gives these omelettes their pale green hue and fresh flavor; I filled mine with a small handful of salad greens and crumbled goat cheese for a light lunch.

Click here to read the whole article and get the recipe

Photos courtesy of Gourmande in the kitchen

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